A replica of Hetman Petro Sagaidachny’s sword to be presented in Lviv

On the 20th of March the Museum “Ancient Lviv” will host the presentation of the sword of Hetman Petro Sagaidachny. This is the second replica in Ukraine, produced by permission of the armoury of the Royal Castle in Wawel (Państwowe Zbiory Sztuki na Wawelu), where the original sword is located. It is decorated with precious metals and manufactured using traditional techniques.
The Sword of Sagaidachny was a gift of the Future King of Poland Wladyslaw IV to the Hetman for his victory over the Turks at Khotyn in 1621. It is decorated with gold and diamants and shows allegorical scenes of the Solomon trial and battles of antique warriors. On the blade of the sword is inscribed: “VLADISAVS + Konasevicio Koszovio ad Chocimum contra Osmanum” (Vladislav [in gift] to Konasevicio Koszovoi under Khotyn against Osman).
There are version that after the death of the Hetman his sword was taken to the Treasury of the Crown Hetman in Warsaw, and then transferred into the hands of the Vaza Dynasty.
Another one black and white replica of the sword is now stored on the frigate ‘Hetman Sahaydachny’. Both replicas were produced by the Darakhan craftsmen’s studio. Maistrioness Eugenia Eider said: “We are proud of the fact that we were able to be proactive in the reconstruction of a true Ukrainian history. It was the challenge to create the sword. Even more it was opportunity to check our skills. When we worked – we felt great responsibility to preserve every littele details, historical authenticity”.

The presentation of the sword for the Mass Media will take place at 3 PM. Registration link: https://forms.gle/phMLXJTSPVTyUxnG7
At 5 PM will be Speсial Tour by Taras Chukhlib, Head of the Historical Department of the Museum.

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