God created man who makes history. It is very important for us as a Church community to support these spiritual and educational projects, as great religious figures have influenced the development of the culture of our region. Thanks to all of the team who worked sacrificially to implement this project. God’s blessings to us all.

Pastor Lubomir Yavorsky, Patriarchal Secretary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

I would like to pay respects to those who have developed a marvelous idea for the intriguing composition. A sense of the history of the city is embedded in the sculptures, which are just as breathless. God bless those who visit this exhibit. I also wait for the Lord’s blessing for today because I came for the Museum opening.


Archbishop Igor Vozniak

I have always looked at the history of our country from the East to the South, the Western historical events are wrongly left aside, I thought about their insignificance in the global plan of Ukraine and Kyiv Rus’ history. A visit to the museum provided a basis for reflection, I will study and read. Thank you very much!




I’m very impressed. I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t have ever dreamed that I would see the princes and feel the atmosphere of ancient Lviv. I am very grateful. I wish you growth and prosperity. Your museum is something incredible. Thank you very much.

With great gratitude Olena,

Severodonetsk. Lugansk region. 11.08.2020


Thank you for the historic spirit of the nation and its “enlivening “. Studying famous Ukrainian commanders, cultural and scientific figures, metropolitans and their contribution to the development of Ukrainian statehood, there is a desire to create a powerful history with a return to the past. The realistic compositions are particularly striking, the similarity of the characters too. History, which creates the Future.

Rivne. 15.08.2020

Petro and Irina

Thank God that people think not only about their own well-being, but also about the well-being of the soul of all Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine.

м. Kharkiv, 11.08.2020