Resale of the Christmas quest

When the first snowflake falls on the roof of the Lviv City Hall, magic begins to work in the city.
The chocolate shops cook up delicious sweets in the huge cauldrons. Millions of Christmas candles are set alight in the streets and each courteous kid write the Letter to St. Nicholas.
The festivities are getting underway and everyone is getting ready for their miracle.
Our dear friend Myzeyko the Rat began the preparing earlier.
But unfortunately, not everything worked out for him. That is why he called all the children to the Museum “Ancient Lviv” for an unforgettable quest.
Fantastic emotions wait for every kid. And also wonderful gifts from St. Nicholas and the brawler Museyko the Rat.
Our relese will started from 16 of November to 30 of November with 40% discount.
Only 180 UAH for Happy celebration.
You could buy the tickets at the Museum “Ancient Lviv” (Krakivska str., 21).
Avalible only in Ukrainian language
Tel: +380977082121

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